Jason Brown disclosed hallucinating poisonous experience wigging out!

The kids are parched, starving and losing energy, and Hansel is on the verge of passing out.

However, they encounter a mushroom patch in the forest, and Gretel, who doesn’t know she has witch blood in her, establishes a link to nature. Her powers allow her to connect to the “green” and she deduces these mushrooms aren’t poisonous. She and the boy consume them, but while they aren’t lethal, the kids go on quite a trip! Their psychedelic experience is hilarious because it’s something you wouldn’t expect in this kind of movie. It’s like Pineapple Express as we see Gretel and Hansel hallucinating and wigging out, turning red in the face.

This is mixed with Gretel’s “second sight,” though. And as we see the kids wide-eyed and hear them laughing hysterically, it all goes to hell soon enough because Gretel starts getting dark visions. She begins seeing the Girl in Pink, a reaper created by another witch years before. That witch is clad in black and wears a mask. The Girl in Pink and the witch seem as if they too can see Gretel, even though we know this is a flashback, hinting she’s pierced the veil of space and time as she watches the Girl in Pink age. The witch appears to be the story’s overlord at this point, and the person the witch in the forest and the Girl in Pink answer to. Thus, Gretel inadvertently establishes a link to let this witch know of her power and location.

This may be why the witch in the forest allowed Gretel and Hansel inside to eat, gave them jobs and kept feeding them — so as to corrupt Gretel. She sensed the girl had power to rival the other witch, so rather than kill Gretel, it became all about turning her to their side.

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