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Peter Parker psychological apted scares everyone with horrific story!

Horror fans expecting a shockingly horrific take on Hansel and Gretel were let down with this adaptation. Gretel & Hansel certainly offers grotesquery but little in terms of actual horror. It can only be assumed that this was by design, as there are plenty of genuinely scary PG-13 movies out there. While the film may be lacking in violence and scares, it more than makes up for with ominous dread. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for many critics or the audience, and the marketing for the film certainly made it look like there were some good scares to come.

Those looking to be transported into the fairy tale directly and get lost in the atmosphere, those okay with the unsettlingly eerie instead of the horrific, and those who love a slow-burning, psychological build-up of dread found themselves quite pleased with Gretel & Hansel. At the end of the day, it’s a specific movie for a specific audience about a widely-known fairy tale. It’ll likely stay a polarizing film for many, but it’s one that certainly found its niche.

Give me the child until he is 7, and I will show you the man,” says the Jesuit credo at the heart of Michael Apted’s unmatched Up documentary series. Six decades after he first interviewed a crop of English 7-year-olds about love, work and the class system, Apted returns for his ninth check in on the accuracy of the old adage. With 63 Up, the quiet wonder of simply executing such a project reigns—the potentially mundane resonates profoundly when watching a human life arc or veer before your eyes.

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